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Tyana Golsteijn

Growing up I always had a very lively imagination. I created stories with just pencils or stuffed animals. As I got older and listened to more and more music, I could envision entire movies, music videos and stories when I heard songs I loved.

It wasn’t surprising that I knew from a young age that I wanted to work in the entertainment industry. Of course Hollywood was first on the list. That’s where all the movie magic happened.

So I studied International Media & Entertainment Management. I learned about the ins and outs surrounding film, TV and music. And I was even more sure. This was my future. I didn’t know how or where or what, but I belonged in that world.

Unfortunately I wanted too much at once and didn’t listen to my body warning me. So I ended up in a burnout. I took a break from school and got a regular job instead. Of course it didn’t help. Because all I did was ignore a big and important part of myself: my creative side. And the more I did, the worse it got.

I had to make a change. Go back to my roots, to the real me.

That lead to me starting this company, Blackbird Creatives, where I help others make professional videos and podcasts. It’s about putting the pieces together of a puzzle, helping others bring their story alive in the best way possible.

At the same time I’m back to creating my own stories. And who knows, maybe one day you’ll see one of my stories on a screen or stage. Because at the heart of it all, I’m a storyteller and I’m never forgetting that again.

Do you need help creating professional videos or a podcast to bring your story to life?